EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD IS Weakening/Awakening & Process to switch the Earth Pole's switch/flip are in process

North Pole becoming South Pole pole swich can happen in a lifetime or maybe longer..., 

In 5 , 10 years:


Since may 2018:

Since Aprii 2018, Yellowstone, Hawai


Mysterious Power outage's

Vulcano Activity 

Climate Change 

it caused extinction for the Neanderthaler

Widespread extinction after Earth's hyperactive magnetic field reversals. 550 million years ago 

weaken ElectroMagnetic field 


 the Sun sending more UV radiation:



Worldwide volcanic activity on the rise last 1600 years ago.jpg
Worldwide volcanic activity on the rise last 1600 years ago.jpg

Sun Pole's are switching all the time: every 12 years. 

Not the Earth Pole"s, that's every 300.000 - 500.000 years!

but lasr time was 41.000 years ago?!?!

Earth flips by esoteric evolution !!!

May 2018:

April 2018:

Why is Antartica no-fly zone for commercial airlines since decades?

China introduced slavery again in Africa to mine the resources and sell it to USA

Nibiru close to Earth  will interfear Earth's gravitiy what will bring more activity in vulcano's.

14-10-2017: A massive mysterious hole has just opened up in antartica and experts can explain it

Homo Noeticus Sensoriums,  new future human speciy ?

Also called as the Homo sensates.

They feel the sens of others. 

Noeticuscomes from the Greek word noetikos, the adjective derivative of the term noesis, which means understanding, perception,